Saturday, April 4, 2009


The last few days have been crazy. I worked 1/2 day on Thursday then headed straight to the hospital. I was able to see my Dad for a bit before his surgery. My sister and nephew from Indy came in the night before and she was with my Mom. My youngest sister then came a bit later. His surgery was to start at 1 but it was almost 2 before it did start. We later found out they had problems getting his IV lines in.
So the doctor said surgery went well although he had to go down further in his neck because it was like "pudding" with plaque. It was 8 that night before they found a room for my Dad. We stayed a bit to make sure he was settled in and then left. My Mom got a call early yesterday morning from the surgeon that he could go home so she had him home by 8:30 that morning. I stopped over at work and they ended up taking us all to the local fish fry. But it wasn't kind to Dad later. My sister and nephew are back on the road now to Indy and she texted to say he was having some pain. Spoke to my Mom and she said he didn't have a good night. So hopefully he recovers quickly. I hear he was over in front of my house so he was up to a walk. *shaking my head*
So after a very busy morning and early afternoon today, I'm pooped! We watched a movie and now I'd love a nap but it's not happening. Gotta find the energy to exercise again! Scale wasn't kind to me when I climbed on it the other day. I'm really slacking in the exercise dept. though.
How's YOUR weekend??


Debi said...
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Debi said...

Sorry accidently deleted my post. I am glad your dad is on the road to recovery. Try to find time for yourself with all the demands of family life. You are worth it!

Mental Notez said...

I hope everyone heals and is headed to a total recovery!!
Praying for you all!