Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Birthday Wishes

I've been blessed in my life to have continued 2 friendships throughout my life since high school. Now that was a LONG time ago but we always maintain contact with one another. We just had a "girls day out" last week and had a wonderful time together. We need to do that more often.
I am the "oldest" of this crew. Now don't be deceived. I'm only 3 months older (to the day) than the one but the day she turns the same age as me, I'm no longer that age...I'm going to be the next age. The two of them have always ganged up on me for my birthday (decorating my house to the theme of Old MacDonald had a farm when I turned 30 and putting depends boxes and walkers and all those things on my front porch steps when I turned 40) but they have a pact to then not get the other one. I've told them that with my news this week, I get a bye on the birthday bashing for the rest of my life. They feel for me at this point and even agree. I know it won't last.
Anyhow, this is for my dear friend Lisa. We both LOVE LOVE LOVE the beach! So when I got my Cricut cart Life's a Beach I knew I had to use it for her. The Happy Birthday is from another cart but for the life of me right now I can't remember which. The paper is Stampin' Up and I used some glitter over the Happy Birthday. I also texturized the background paper with an ocean template from Fiskars (I think.)


Jessica said...

Hey Denise! Thanks for stopping by my blog. And your welcome. I'm glad you've got such great friends. They make our lives bearable sometimes.
Hope you have a good day today. take care.....Jess

Jessica said...

OOPs forgot to say, love the card! That's going to be my next cart. Waiting on a good sale! lol