Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

Today is Mother's Day.  I spent some time with my Mother in law and my own Mom however, I spent most of the day crying.  Today was the day my son, his girlfriend and the baby moved out and are sleeping in their own place.  Tonight it's eerily quiet and although I got kisses from Emma before they left, I miss peeking over and seeing that beautiful face.  I know it's all  for the best for them to be out on their own and they didn't move far, however, today my heart is just breaking with the thought of them not being here all the time.
Maybe some of you who have gone through this can share some words of wisdom.  Having spent the first 15 months of Emma's life seeing her about every day and having her 24/7 and now her not being here....a tough bit to swallow.  I think that even my son who always couldn't wait to move out has been having some thoughts of oh crap what have I done!  He asked Amy the other day why she was in such a hurry to move since it was going to be weird to not live with us.  *sob*
Time to try to sleep...........

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