Friday, November 4, 2011

Five Question Friday

1. What movie do you love to quote?  Well, my favorite movie is Ghost and I love the line at the end where Patrick says the take it with you.  Gets me every time.  I don't quote it...but it's a quote I know.

2. Have you ever ridden a motorcycle?  Heck no.  I've always been too fat to ride on one.  Where would I fit???

3. What's your favorite thing to do on a rainy day?  Lay on the couch and watch tv mindlessly....but does it happen?  Rarely....and I'd not change a second of it because it means I'm spending time with Ms. Emma :-)

4. Do you prefer a bunch of small gifts, or one really big, (expensive) gift?  As much as I love expensive gifts (read diamonds) I have to say I love a bunch of small gifts.  I always said I'd rather have 10 one dollar gifts than 1 ten dollar gift.

5. Do you ever lose track of days and show up somewhere wrong?  My iPhone calendar keeps me pretty on track....well, me and the rest of my family.  So I try to be pretty with it when I'm keeping track of times and activities.  

Hook yourself up with these questions at My Little Life.  Fun times :-)
Happy Weekend.   It's a very busy one here.

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Anonymous said...

I would probably forget to put the trash out most of the time if I didn't have an alert on my iPhone calendar:)

Visiting from Mama M's :)