Saturday, January 28, 2012

My Answers for 5Q

Head over to My Little Life and grab the questions below so you can join in the FUN!!!

1. Do you swim in the winter?  No, no, NO.  The winter cover is on and it's WAY too cold here in PA to even consider swimming in the winter.  OK, enough being silly but NO, I don't because our high school pool is cold when you get in and are in and I've tried but just don't have time anymore.

2. Do you love or hate winter?  HATE HATE HATE.....and Yes, I know I shouldn't hate but I detest winter.  OK, the snow is pretty....the first time.  Then I'm done.  I don't need to see it again.  See it hasn't learned to stay off the roads when it has snowed so I can live without it.  But my family is here and I won't ever live away from them so I'm stuck.  Thankfully this has been a very mild far!

3. Do you put makeup/actual clothes on when you know you're going to be home all day with just family?  I have days when I don't do makeup and then I catch a glimpse of myself and I scare myself so lately I've been trying to put at least some on every day.  I LOVE days spent in pi's however I don't think I've had one where I'm in them all day since before Emma was born.  But leggings and a big t-shirt are on my body if I'm home all day.

4. How old were you when you had your first alcoholic beverage?  I was in high school.  I learned to drink and be responsible and while others wouldn't agree with how I learned that I know it worked.  I do not drink and drive and never did.  I won't go into any more detail though...some things should be kept private.

5. How many ill calls in a 12 month period do you think are acceptable?  Well, in my school year I'm permitted 10 sick days and 3 personal days.  I try not using them all but ever since I was pregnant so many years ago, I've not been able to build my days back up.

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